Charlie Winston

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Charlie Winston grew up in a musical family, but his career only really took off when he played as a musician on his brother Tom's debut album. He formed his own band (Charlie Winston and the Oxymorons) and a meeting with Peter Gabriel eventually led to Charlie being invited to be his support act. In 2007 his first album, 'Make Way', was not a commercial success, but it did open the doors to performances in France and Germany.

With his second album, Charlie really manages to establish himself as a solo artist. Hobo' is particularly successful in France and Wallonia. The album and single 'Like a Hobo' even reach the top of the charts in France.

Charlie's 5th album is released at the end of August. 'As I Am' was created during the lockdown and recorded in Vianney's Paris studio. An intense collaboration that resulted in the beautiful duet 'Shifting Paradigms'. Charlie comes out of the Covid battle a winner, with a strong album under his belt and a better relationship with himself and his loved ones. His songs universal, pop, folk, enriched with piano and here and there a funky guitar.