Guano Apes

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If you open your ears on the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg, at the Kulturforum in Berlin or at the Skatepark Ostfildern in Stuttgart, you will always hear "Lords of the Boards" blasting out of the speakers alongside newer music. Even though the song is actually dedicated to snowboarding and was already released in 1997: The track by the Guano Apes has remained an anthem to this day for all those who move spectacularly on boards over ground and through the air. The success of the two single hits "Open Your Eyes" and the "Lords" also made the legendary "Proud Like A God" with millions of copies sold one of the most successful debut albums ever. It lasted more than one year in the charts which the World Federation of the Phono Industry honored with the IFPI award. An 18-month tour through Europe and the USA also made the powerful crossover rock from Germany internationally known in the live sector. In June 2014, the ARD morning magazine summed up: "In the late 90s, you couldn’t get past them: The Guano Apes rocked every stadium, every festival, the very big halls with their mixture of hard rock guitar riffs, hip hop and the melodic rap of frontwoman Sandra Nasić." Not much has changed in this regard to this day. Three number one albums and several international tours have taken their toll and led to a break of several years in the noughties. But the Apes have come back from this break much more relaxed, a bit poppier and, above all, with their old strength. Most recently, they were on a very successful European tour in 2017 for the 20th anniversary of their debut, and now they're finally back: after a Corona-related live break of more than two years, the band is hungry and happy to be back on stage, the place where they feel most connected to their fans. After the summer festivals, Guano Apes will go on an extensive tour through Germany and Europe in the fall.