Guano Apes

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The Guano Apes have become really relaxed. Instead of subjecting themselves to the mechanisms of the market, the band from Germany freed itself from those. Instead of releasing new records every year, they prefer to go on stage whenever their inner monkey itches again. And from that moment on it’s pure extasy: anyone who was part of the first post-pandemic tour or experienced one of the powerful concerts at the big festivals is aware of that. From the first bars of the programmatic opener "You Can't Stop Me" through all the classic hymns to the final crashing chord of the encore "Lords of the Boards", the Guano Apes gave free rein to the wild animal and literally rocked every audience. Incidentally, this can also be described as groundbreaking: While the world is becoming more and more digital, the Guano Apes are going into opposition and demanding the analog. Or as they put it themselves:

"We are closer to apes than to AI. And there is a primal force inherent in humans, the old-world monkeys: the urge for freedom. We have been supporting this tonally, together with our audience, for around three decades. In the midst of the AI turnaround and digital detachment, grounding and understanding man in nature is more important than ever. With our handmade sound, we want to bring the inner compass back to the audience, reset the basic setting with a tonal slap and thus free the inner monkey."

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