International Anime Music Festival

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The International Anime Music Festival is inviting the most famous VTubers (virtually animated TouTubers) and Vocaloids (virtual singers with computer generated voices) to the Belgian stage for the very first time. With stars such as Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn (back after her hiatus!), co-headliner HIMEHINA, super popular GUMI, new girl band MaRiNaSu and twins LiLYPSE it will be a true multimedia rave and experience. The state of the art LED and high definition digital projections will make the artists come alive during this live performance. The superstar avatars have exploded over the last two years: they have millions of followers globally, generate over 62 million Google searches and have more than 1,2 billion views on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Kizuna AI Original Singeroid #kzn is a pioneer in the VTuber world. Ever since her start in 2016 she smashed several records and has been loved all over the world. She took a break in February 2022 but is now happy to reconnect with her audience in more meaningful ways. The duo of Himehina appear to be two opposites, but the two complement each other perfectly with their expressive vocals and lyrics. Their last live performance in Toyoko sold out in less than a minute, so these popular girls are ones to look out for. Gumi is one of the most loved vocaloids among Western anime music fans. She has released 10 albums and gained hundreds of millions of views. Yet, until the coming 2023 tour, she has never officially performed live outside of Asia. MaRiNaSuis is the new virtual girl group sure to electrify fans as they make their international debut in 2023. Although their personalities are completely different from one another, they are three little balls of energy who match perfectly when performing on stage. The mysterious twin sisters LiLYPSE are talented singers and are sure to charm their way into the hearts and minds of soon-to-be awed fans with their beautiful songs and synchronized dancing.

The International Anime Music Festival is a unique live show that brings together the renowned VTubers and new talent in the scene. Do not miss this extraordinary event in Palais 12 on Saturday April 29th 2023!