Iskander Moon

Despite his young age, 22-year-old Iskander Moens has already had an extensive musical career. As a youngster, Iskander was allowed to tour across Europe with the choral ensemble Collegium Vocale (conducted by Philippe Herreweghe), wrote polyphonic compositions for the men's choir Dionysos Now! and outside the classical world he was also active in numerous projects, including the tuxedo rock trio HYPER! and the fusion band Shikata Ga Nai. The multi-instrumentalist/producer studied classical piano at MUDA and obtained his master's degree in music production at KASK last summer. For the past two years, he has been active as a producer, session musician and songwriter for Mooneye, The Starlings, Ibe, Camille, Lea Rue and Yves Paquet, among others. At the same time, Iskander - under his alter-ego "Iskander Moon" - quietly lumbered along as a solo artist. Devoted to being swallowed up by a big anonymous city, he went for extended periods to places like New York, Berlin, Boston and Florence. In each case, Iskander immersed himself completely in the local music scene, played in numerous singer-songwriter cafes where he impressed with his warm tenor voice, and wrote a mountain of sparkling folk-pop songs in the process. Iskander: "People who have already seen me at work here in Belgium probably associate me musically with slightly more complex projects, but I have always seen myself primarily as a song-maker and storyteller. I love to play a piece like Prelude in C Minor by Bach, but equally I can thoroughly enjoy a good Taylor Swift song." As Iskander Moon, he aims to perform simple, honest pop songs with catchy lyrics, sung from behind his ivory keys/piano. Think Bon Iver, James Bay and Tom Odell. In autumn 2023, Iskander Moon will release his first release to the world: pop gem "Saturday Silence" will be released on 5 September 2023 via Play It Again Sam