Joker Out

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In homeland Slovenia, the band Joker Out has been a household name for years, invariably selling out venues. It was therefore no surprise that the national call sent the rock group to Liverpool for the Eurovision Song Contest. The uplifting and infectious song 'Carpe Diem' stole the hearts of the audience and the rest of Europe. The Slovenians then attracted a lot of attention with 'New Wave', a collaboration with the iconic Elvis Costello - who is also involved in the single 'Indecent Notions'.

The group has been hammering away at their sound, sometimes jokingly called shagadelic rock and roll, since 2016. In 2022, they played a sold-out concert at the iconic Slovenian concert hall Križanke amphitheatre, confirming their status as national music heroes. The charisma, recordings and wit of Joker Out are only surpassed by their rousing live performances.