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RAMAN. is raw emotion, a no nonsense guitar sound, melancholic instrumental

interludes and a voice that, once it grabs you, never lets you go.

The story of RAMAN. started in the suburbs of Ghent. Simon Raman, with his sensitive

sound and intense songs, emerged as one of Ghent’s most promising young artists.

His ‘back to basics’ attitude creates a raw but soulful sound rooted in Blues and Roots

music that reminds you of older souls like Chris Whitley, Jeff Buckley and an early


RAMAN. proved his live presence by winning ‘Jonge Wolven’ in 2016, the audience

award of the Ghent ‘Student Rock Rally’ in 2017 and winning ‘Oost.Best’ in the same

year. In 2018 he became an artist in residence at Muziekclub N9 and also won the

‘Karen Vernimmen Prijs’, a prize for culture in Ghent.

At the end of 2019 RAMAN. released his first EP in a sold out Minardschouwburg

in Ghent. That year he also played in Trix, Het Depot, Muziekcentrum De Bosuil

(NL), Poppodium 013 (NL) and performed at Gent Jazz, Boomtown, Fonnefeesten,

Herbakkersfestival,... Now he is working on his first album.