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(NL) Brian Fennell de schrijver, producer en multi-instrumentalist achter SYML is een donkere ziel. Op een van zijn laats EP’s “DIM” verkent Fennell alle thema’s die met verdriet en de dood te maken hebben en voor de opnames van “The War” trok hij naar de St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle waar hij het letterlijk uitroept: I Am A Sad Boy.

SYML brak in 2019 wereldwijd door met “Where’s My love” wat dan ook weer een pakkend melancholisch nummer is over de zoektocht naar liefde én jezelf. Kom deze man zijn schitterende stem dus zeker live ontdekken in AB en laat je meeslepen in zijn pure emoties.


(FR) Brian Fennell, l'auteur, le producteur et le multi-instrumentiste derrière SYML, est une âme sombre. Sur l'un de ses derniers EP "DIM", Fennell explore tous les thèmes liés au deuil et à la mort et pour l'enregistrement de "The War", il s'est rendu à la cathédrale St. Mark de Seattle où il s'exclame littéralement : "I Am A Sad Boy".

SYML a percé dans le monde entier en 2019 avec "Where's My Love" qui est une autre chanson mélancolique accrocheuse sur la recherche de l'amour et de soi-même. Venez donc découvrir la voix brillante de cet homme en direct à l'AB et laissez-vous emporter par ses émotions pures.


(ENG) Brian Fennell the writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist behind SYML, is a dark soul. On one of his latest EPs "DIM", Fennell explores all themes related to grief and death and for the recording of "The War", he went to St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle where he literally exclaims: I Am A Sad Boy.

SYML broke through worldwide in 2019 with "Where's My Love" which is another catchy melancholic song about the search for love and yourself. So come and discover this man's brilliant voice live at the AB and let yourself be swept away in his pure emotions.


// BIO //

Grief can be messy, painful, and dark, a brutal process that rarely offers straight through its shadows for those mourning the death of a loved one. But for Brian Fennell, the writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist behind SYML, he found comfort not only by leaning into his grief, but writing through it.

DIM, his latest EP out March 5, is a “loss exploration” for him, a potent meditation that manages to make even the most personal tragedies feel intimate and universally understood. Fennell -- who released SYML’s self-titled album in 2019, which his breakthrough single, “Where’s My Love” -- was on the road with Dermot Kennedy in the spring of 2020 and had plans to spend most of the year on tour, but those were abruptly halted due to the merciless spread of the coronavirus pandemic. At his home in Seattle, he revisited some of the lyrical sketches and compositions he had been working through in the preceding months, all interpreting loss in different manifestations. “True,” a captivating R&B groove, ruminates on a disintegrating relationship, while the haunting title track was inspired by survivor’s guilt. His father’s health was declining after a long battle with cancer at that point, and “Stay Close,” the first track on DIM, brims with raw, desperate emotion as he literally pleads for more time while examining his own bond with his children (“One lifetime is never enough / You’re more than my heart, you’re my blood”).

“This EP is largely about losing those close to us,” he says. “Calling it DIM really applies to the light we carry during our time here. When those lights go out, it’s this sort of dimming process, but rather than living in that sadness -- even though I think that’s a really healthy thing to do, to stay in that cozy, warm blanket sadness sometimes -- it’s about honoring what that light was, and realizing that there’s still that same light in all of us that are still here.”