Will Linley

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A career in music was a dream for Will Linley, who grew up in a musical family. His song 'miss me (when you're gone)' was written from personal experience and is a revelation of universal emotions after a difficult break-up. At the same time, the video harbours a positivity peculiar to the Cape Town-based musician. He collaborated with director Abongwe Booi for the clip, a South African connection he intends to carry through into the rest of his music.

Will Linley succeeds in turning recognisable feelings of the Gen Z generation into catchy melodies that you hum along to in no time. He himself calls it 'happy sad pop music', not being restricted by any specific vibe or genre. His EP 'kill all my feelings' already collected millions of streams on Spotify. Ideal music for roaring along on a road trip or sobbing in your bedroom.