Abby Sage

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Part of growing into adulthood means tearing down and reconstructing your narrative. This is what introspective performer Abby Sage has done on her striking, intensely personal debut album, The Rot, arriving spring 2024 via Nettwerk.

In the months following 2021’s Fears Of Yours & Mine EPand 2022’s The FloristEP, the Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based Sage has an altered perspective —one that can only be achieved by the natural passage of time. In between the creation of The Florist EPand The Rot LP, Sage spent most of her days in the locales of London. Residing with her close-knit family, Sage’s wit, charm, and personal stories had been heavily influenced by her time there.

Now with 10 all-new original songs in her arsenal, The Rotwas made in collaboration with The Florist’sLondon-based production team MyRiot aka Roy Kerr and Tim Bran, and Michael Coleman in LA. It’s a lush, layered alternative pop gem where Sage’s silky vocals kaleidoscopically twirl overtop dreamy synth-and-guitar melodies. Plunging new emotional depths, Sage uses The Rotas a lens to dig into her relationship with sex, anxiety around her own health, raw moments of loneliness, and, ultimately, accepting that change is inevitable.