Faces On TV

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hile Jasper Maekelberg keeps us waiting for the follow up of his acclaimed Faces on TV debut, he keeps us sending new music. And this letter. Time after Time is the new Faces on TV single.

Time after Time is a song I wrote about the aftermath of a relationship.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the falling apart of a strong bond or with loss in general. You can go for the “sit and wait until it gets better”-way or the “total destruction”-approach. I tried both. This song deals with feeling alone in the universe, and with the disconcerting yet somehow consoling fact that – no matter how hard you try – it’s probably impossible to find the perfect match.

This song started out as a jam, just me and a drum computer, looping things until I had a nice groove going on. I really wanted to make something to listen to while driving towards the sunset in Key West in a convertible. (never been there and I still don’t own a convertible, but hey, one must keep on dreaming). I tried many different things after that, from real drums to strings and all that kind of stuff, but every time I played something new, it lost some of its directness and honesty. So I ended up with the demo version again. I called Pomrad to come over and play some nice chords on it and that was that. I even kept my demo guitar solo (yes this song contains a guitar solo).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Give it a spin. Or two. You’ll get it.