Holy Hannah

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Holy Hannah is the brand new alter ego of Belgian producer and singer Hanne Torfs (Fortress, School Is Cool). As a captivating high priestess of the underworld, she bewitches her audience with her otherworldly sound design and mesmerizing chants. Natural sounds such as rustling leaves and howling wind are intertwined with mechanical techno beats and bold bass lines.

In autumn 2022, Holy Hannah finished her first six tracks, which she wrote in solitary in the middle of a forest. In the coming months she is going to release a couple of singles. The first track Hanne ever wrote as her alter ego is called ‘Human Touch’, was released on July 6. A dark and seductive song in which she lures her audience into a dark dreamscape with reversed vocals, a bewitched kalimba and low-pitched war horns. “I’m like an ocean, full of liquid love”, Holy Hannah sings. With a strange kind of melancholic passion, she invites her listeners to submerge themselves in her carefully crafted sounds.

‘Holy Hannah live’ is a fascinating live performance, a hybrid DJ set. Expect compelling live synths and eerie vocals to blend with pounding techno beats. In the Church of Holy Hannah, her adventurous and melodic techno, influenced by alternative pop culture, will take you instantly on a frenzied trip.

Hannah’s hand tailored costume was made by innovative fashion designer Jana Roos. She worked for Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul before and designs costumes for multiple theatre companies. This collaboration shows a unique combination of visual and auditory performance art.